The Cladding Insulation Division of Centredil Spa, was born within our headquarters in Gussago. One of our sales representatives in close contact with leading companies in the sector, directly deals with all the steps necessary to obtain a perfectly finished package. Among our specializations also the renovation of the facades of condominiums and buildings, a sector in continuous expansion.

1 COAT — 1The external insulation systems allow to preserve the microclimate of a building, safely insulating walls also made of different materials.
It is a real thermal coating, able to guarantee the insulation of buildings from heat and cold, with a tangible improvement in living comfort, better thermal efficiency and a reduction in the impact on the environment.

The thermal excursions determine the formation of tensions on the external surface of the structures: cracks and cracks can form on the facade, which favor the infiltration of water and the breakage of finishes and plasters. The external insulation system protects against this phenomenon by protecting and prolonging the integrity and life of the building itself.

At the design level it is therefore important to prepare some choices and solutions related to the construction phase and the materials to be used, External insulation systems are not only feasible on new buildings, but also on existing buildings that need maintenance or renovation.

In fact, the cladding makes it possible to create an insulation system that allows considerable energy recoveries and a reduction in heating and cooling costs.