The Plasterboard and Dry StructuresThe Plasterboard and Dry Structures division of Centredil Spa offers a “turnkey” service for the construction and design of any residential, office, public and industrial works. One of our salesmen with a long experience in the sector takes charge of the order from the earliest stages, interacting with the construction management, and with the technicians of the manufacturing companies in search of the optimal technical solution. The installation performed by professionals in the sector and the delivery of the finished work complete our “Turnkey” package.

Today, plasterboard has assumed a very important value in construction, especially after the entry of the new European regulations in terms of thermal and acoustic insulation. Thanks to its versatility, to the numerous applications and innovations, however, today we no longer speak of plasterboard but of dry systems characterized by superior insulation properties and ease of installation of the systems.

Thanks to their peculiarities, dry systems are often used in modern construction for the redevelopment of buildings since they have advantages such as:

the dry system improves energy and acoustic performance without having to upset the starting building;

In case of new needs, the dry system allows to carry out targeted interventions on existing buildings thanks to its lightness;

the dry system allows perfect integration with traditional systems.

At the Centredil warehouses it is possible to find the essential for plasterboard solutio